1. Q. What information is in scope for GTR?A. The GTR contains information about clinical and research tests for Mendelian disorders and drug responses as well as somatic / cancer tests. Labs that offer whole exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing can be found by searching Laboratory services or via links from the home page and elsewhere. Molecular and serologic clinical and research tests for microorganisms that play a role in human health and infectious disease are also within scope for GTR; examples, nucleic acid amplification and serologic tests for SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2), the virus which causes COVID-19. Read more here.
  2. Q. What determines the order of search results?A. Relevance of the search term and completeness of the submitted data determine the order within lists of results. Ranking of search results is discussed here.
  3. Q. How can I learn how to use GTR?A. Get started by viewing GTR overview and search tips GTR Tutorials and reading the How to use GTR help page (both accessible from the Home page). Learn how to quickly find tests, compare labs, filter your results, find GeneReviews, and set preferences. Search the help pages for the information you need. Review the GTR fact sheet and view a webinar. Contact us for help.
  4. Q. Starting from GeneReviews, how do I find tests in GTR?A. New links to testing information in GTR are located along the right hand side of GeneReview summaries, labeled ‘Tests in GTR by Gene’ and ‘Tests in GTR by Condition’. Read more here.
  5. Q. What has been the level of submitter participation in GTR thus far?A. For a current count of all labs and tests registered in GTR, click here.
  6. Q. How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting lab accreditations and renewals? A. For CAP, please read this update. For CLIA, please refer to the FAQ for information. Refer to individual state agencies for updates regarding state accreditations.

Transition from GeneTests to GTR

  1. Q. What has happened to GeneTests and how does that relate to GTR?A. As of June 4th, 2013, the NIH no longer supports the GeneTests Laboratory Directory, but continues to support GeneReviews. GeneTests webpages that have resided at NCBI either redirect to GTR or to NCBI’s Bookshelf, which continues to house GeneReviewsGeneReviews are thoroughly integrated into GTR, as described here.



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