Yes, the Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) provides a central location for voluntary submission of genetic test information by providers. Your doctor may ask for your permission for you to participate. The scope includes the test’s purpose, methodology, validity, evidence of the test’s usefulness, and laboratory contacts and credentials. The overarching goal of the GTR is to advance the public health and research into the genetic basis of health and disease.

Here are some FAQs and the links provided for the genetic registry:

  1. Q. What is the easiest way to get started on my submission?A. The Submission Overview page has guidance about how to register your lab and tests. If you need assistance, please contact GTR staff.
  2. Q. How can more than one person from a laboratory register tests?A. Submission of lab and test data from multiple individuals for a single laboratory is enabled in a function called ‘Groups‘. Please contact us if you would like to use this feature.
  3. Q. Can I register our research tests?A. Submitters may register research tests in GTR. The definition of a research test in GTR is provided here. Test information focuses on the research study and how to enroll. Instructions for getting started are located here.
  4. Q. Can I register our somatic tests?A. Submitters may register somatic tests in GTR. In clinical and research tests, test targets can be identified as germline, somatic or both as described here.
  5. Q. Help! I lost my login information for myNCBI account (to access GTR).A. Click “login/sign in” in the upper right-hand corner; Below the blue “sign in” button, click the link “Forgot NCBI username or password?”; Follow the instructions to get your username or reset your password. For more help, please contact NCBI staff at [email protected].
  6. Q. I’ve completed registration for my lab but why am I unable to see it on the public site?A. The information should be available on the public site within 24-48 hours after registration. Contact us if you do not see your laboratory record.



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