Yes, and in fact, some medical insurers are covering the cost of the testing. It is […]
The short answer is no, unfortunately. But, the information that genetic testing can provide can save […]
Medical conditions that run in a family are inherited or genetic—caused by changes in genes that […]
Prenatal genetic testing gives parents-to-be information about whether their fetus has certain genetic disorders. Genetic disorders are caused by […]
Genetic testing in the field of neurology is becoming increasingly beneficial. Perhaps the most significant changes […]
Yes. The most famous person to suffer from Huntington’s was Woody Guthrie, the prolific folk singer who died in 1967 […]
Great question. There is a short answer and then a laundry list of things genetic testing […]
Professionals who specialize in breast imaging may be the first to initiate the conversation about genetic […]
Genomic technologies are changing rapidly, and it is hard to predict how quickly new technologies will […]
The breast cancer 1 (BRCA1) and breast cancer 2 (BRCA2) genes are the genes most commonly affected in hereditary breast and ovarian […]
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