Genetic Testing:
Your Family History Matters.

If you have a family history you too could be at risk. Below are several things you and your doctor should discuss to determine if Kardia Guard screening is right for you. The list is for educational purposes and you may use our FREE tool to see if you qualify for a genetic test covered by medicare or your provider with no out of pocket cost to you. Not all inclusive but designed to help you start a conversation with your primary care provider and care team!


Does your family have a history of heart disease involving heart muscle (pumping) weakness (cardiomyopathy)?

Treadmill Stress Tests

Have your family members been screened for heart conditions, such as Stress Test (Exercise of treadmill test)?

Heart Monitoring

Have your parents been monitored for heart problems at home or doctor’s office? ECG, EKG or Holter monitoring?

Cardiac Arrhythmia

Does your family have a history of heartbeat irregularities? Either slower than normal, faster or fluctuating heart?

Essential Hypertension

Does your family have a history of high blood pressure or low blood pressure?

Sick Sinus Syndrome

Do you have a history of syncope and loss of consciousness related to the heart (Sick Sinus Syndrome or Long QT Syndrome)?

Cardiac Genetic Testing Kardia Guard
Why should I do Kardia Guard?

Genetic testing is done for screening and possible medical treatment. The most common reasons are:

• Diagnostic testing: confirm a suspected disorder.

• Predictive testing: to learn whether you have a genetic condition that runs in your family before you have signs or symptoms. Or, if you are a carrier.

• Cancer prevention or guidance of treatment plan

• Pharmacogenetics: helps determine what medicines and doses are right for you   PRE QUALIFY ONLINE NOW  

How do I prepare?

You can prepare by taking the pre-qualification test below. 

What to expect?

Most commonly, it involves a blood sample or cheek swab but many times you can get the test done in office or one can be sent directly to your home or office.


What is the risk?

Blood samples and cheek swabs carry little risk. It is always best to discuss all potential risks and benefits with your health care providers, or if needed, genetic counselors.  PRE QUALIFY ONLINE NOW

Provider Information?

Welcome to the future of healthcare. We are excited you are exploring genetic testing as prophylactic method to patient care. Please visit the DOCTOR EDUCATION PORTAL for more details, white-papers and more…

What happens if I test positive?

The interpretation of a positive result will depend on whythe testing was done in the first place.

• If the test was done to diagnose a disease or condition, then a positive result will help both your treatment planning and your family members.

• If the test was done for family planning, it may be important for your children or future children.

• If the test determines you might develop a disease or condition, keep in mind that does not guarantee you will get that disorder, only that you may be at risk. The best examples are the breast and ovarian cancer genes BRCA1 or BRCA2. Another example it the Huntington disease gene which means you may eventually develop the disease.

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What happens if I test negative?

Keep in mind, a negative result is not a guarantee that you don’t have the disorder. For example, many women who develop breast or ovarian cancer do not have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.

Genetic testing may not be able to detect all genetic defectsin every case.

Who should get pre-screening?

Everyone has a unique set of genes, made up of DNA. Genetic testing can provide answers to questions regarding your and your family’s health which may not be readily available otherwise. It can provide life-saving information.


Doctor Education Portal

Welcome to the future of healthcare. We are excited you are exploring genetic testing as prophylactic method to patient care. Please visit the DOCTOR EDUCATION PORTAL for more details, white-papers and more…

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Many providers are unaware of the Kardia Gaurd service. 

Our goal is to work directly with consumers to educate them to the point that their providers will gain the life saving knowledge that can help life threatening occurrences by doing preventative screening.

If you or a loved one has had a history of heart disease, it’s important to know if it is hereditary. With this knowledge, a doctor can schedule a long-term preventative health care plan to improve quality of life.

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