How Cardiac Genetic testing woths with Doctor Prescription CARDIAC RX from kardia Guard

We are happy to serve you and our eduction portal is free to consumers.. Kardia Guard will help start the conversation with your doctor or provider if you indicate a risk once you complete the Questionnaire you will be sent to a 3rd party global booking system to find your doctor or care provider who will receive further information and determine if you are a candidate or need any lab services based on your personal relationship with your doctor. Once complete the kit will be mailed upon the doctors orders you will receive your test kit in the mail or by visiting your doctor. The test will be sent to the lab and results are typically returned in less that 10 business days.

The Labs will always try to confirm eligibility for every patient to provide up-to-date information on coverage, copays, and deductibles. If a patient’s insurance does not cover a test, we will offer counseling for out-of- pocket costs.

In addition to Medicare and Medicaid, many commercial providers require new notification/prior authorization before testing can be done. To combat surprise billing prior authorization approval. Insurance providers benefits, processes and relates costs continuously evolving and subject to change we suggest you get pre-authorization so you fully understand any expenses your expected to pay from the provider, doctor, lab or office fees including co-pays and out of pocket expenses. You the consumer are fully responsible for any expenses, and kardia guard is in no way responsible for your bills or fees charged.